There are no trends in yachting, or are there…? Finding the right answer to this question has bugged Vripack for years now. As a comeback to answering this, the Dutch Studio releases a forward-thinking platform called VriThink!

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Jeroen Droogsma, Designer and Trend Forecaster for VriThink! explains; “We found it very hard within the whole new economy, to find forward thinking information, materials and to know what is the next need for innovation. Coming with this crisis, people are looking for a new ‘safe haven’ and new horizons and we at Vripack are no different. After poising this question around without receiving answers we said: If nobody is doing it than we should do it ourselves!”

As a creative company with the benefits of fresh minds, this led to focus a dedicated portion of our time on trend-spotting, getting outside of the office in order to sense the indicators of change in the world of design, fashion, art, travel, food, music and more. The open platform where all this information comes together is called; VriThink!

We only need to have

the right


in order to

see them

One of the goals of VriThink! is to generate an open stage in order to produce and develop forward-thinking designs. The platform shows how various innovative, social, economic and design trends happening in all industries around the world can be reflected to the yachting industry. The trends can be used to inspire and highlight various decisions. This creates a whole new dimension around the explanation how decisions have been made for new designs.

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Vripack - VriThink! - pots filled with shells
Vripack - Joost Mertens - designer

Jeroen continues: “VriThink is to inspire other people as much as ourselves and hopefully bring our industry forward. We are going to put this project out there; we are not going to keep it to ourselves. During this quest it led to a collaboration with Superyacht Design who share our believe that this will benefit the whole industry as we are all in need of inspiring the next clients”.

So, with this said we think the best answer to the question is: There are more trends than we can think off that will influence our industry in some kind of way. We only need to have the right mindset in order to see them.

Vripack projects infused with VriThink!