What is most striking when you look at the NED 70 of the Dutch company Ned Yacht is the length/width ratio of 4:1. The slender shape of this stunning new motoryacht is accentuated by the angle of the windows in the wheelhouse and the shape of the stanchions. 

This brand new motoryacht was designed by the international well-known Vripack Naval Architects according to the so-called ‘LDL-principle’. This means that not the ships volume is essential, but the lines of the ship itself are leading in the design.

Of course the completely aluminium NED 70 is provided with all luxury you can image. But also the range of this special ship is stunning. You can cross the Atlantic and pick an anchor bay on Barbados, but also cruise the British east coast or the Dutch ‘Wadden-area’.

The lines of the NED 70 are sharp and angular. These contours make the yacht look slender and a little ‘mean’. Designed according to LDL, in which LDL stands for Low Displacement Length. A modern word, but a principle that is at least one century old. In the days that engines were not as powerful as they are nowadays it was essential to have a length/width ratio of at least 4:1 to make sure ships were able of good cruising speeds. To make sure that the NED 70 behaves well in waves, the hull is provided with bilge keels and stabilizers that will eliminate rocking in waves. The bilge keels have a second advantage: they make it possible to let the NED 70 easily dry out in tidal areas.

The NED 70 by Vripack has two guest cabins in the back of the ship. The owners cabin is situated in the front. The guest cabins are big, each with its own bathroom with a separated toilet and shower compartiment. All horizontal surfaces – including the floors – are finished in Corian. The saloon and the wheelhouse are located in the front part of the ship. This area on board is roomy and light. The position of the helmsman is central in the middle of the boat. Next to it there is a seat for passengers who want to see what is happening and also two big couches from where you can actively experience what is going on on board and around you.

Vripack - NED 70 - main deck

In the saloon the luxurious galley and a big U-shaped dinette are located. You can easily sit here with at least six persons. In the cockpit you will find two fixed benches and several moveable hockers, so you can chance the lay-out according to your wishes and needs. Looking at the transom of the yacht you will notice the specific shape that is meant to keep breaking weaves out of the cockpit. On the flybridge the second helm is located. Also in the middle of the ship and surrounded by three benches where passengers can have a seat. At the end of this flybridge the mast is stepped. This provides space for all kinds of antennas and other navigation and communication equipment. Part of this mast is used as a crane to hoist the tender. Both mast and crane can be folded backwards to eliminate the total height of the yacht.

The superstructure of the NED 70 has slanting lines and is provided with dark windows. Both big windows in the sides of the superstructure are constructed in a way that they also provide space to sit down. In front of the superstructure you will find a big hatch where you can store lines, fenders and all kind of other stuff. Nice details on deck are the aluminium bollards and the black stanchions and rails. The interior of the NED 70 is fresh and modern.

Vripack - NED 70 - owner´s stateroom
Vripack - NED 70 - owner´s stateroom

The outside light is filtered by wengé blinds. The finish of the interior is a combination of white washed oak and wengé details. This finishing gives every piece of furniture in the yacht it’s own final touch. The upper side of the interior is white which intensifies the roomy impression of the inside of this yacht. The ceilings are made of panels with lining. This has a good effect on sound-isolation and is a very nice contrast with the white top-finishing. All seats are covered with grey and white leather. Colourful cushions provide a sparkling contrast.

Vripack - NED 70 - dining area
Vripack - NED 70 - dining area