How do today’s Naval Architects engineer hyper efficient hull forms in their little black boxes and know for sure they actually perform to expectations? Comfort is one of the highest points on the agenda today and tightly connected with safety and fuel efficiency. So how can you make sure your carefully designed ship actually works?

"Carrying over recent findings in improved ship-motion-comfort from our work boats, we crafted an ultra modern lines plan around the voluminous 85 meter Liquid designed exterior shape. We then put our digital hull shape in the full scale Computational Fluid Dynamic or CFD calculation software. This computerized optimization process resulted in a reduced wave resistance of 20% compared to well proved hand formulas. This reduced wave resistance of course also consequently reduced her fuel consumption significantly”.

But the boys at Vripack wouldn't be the boys they are if they stopped there. By a 5-axis milling machine a 1:10 bright yellow scale model has been made and let loose to freely sail the World’s Oceans in a fully computer controlled water basin of 170 by 40 meters.

7000 plus

lines plans

in our library

"The results coming out of this unique ships motion basin are showing that we've created one of our most modern hull shapes ever. And with 7000 plus lines plans in our library that counts for something we believe in."