Vripack is a Studio that works on the cutting edge of design and technology. To be able to craft a yacht, let alone a Family of yachts, of allure and prestige like the Envy series requires our Holistic design approach. 

Vripack - Envy 5

It is rare for a Studio to be given a rather clean design brief however the forward thinking minds of the Admiral Tecnomar group understand that this will give the boldest result. 

Starting at the choice that the new series should be a true Tecnomar bread we studied the future owners of the yacht and their lifestyle whom turned out to be highly dynamic and celeb. Of course we looked at the competition as well as the roots of the Tecnomar family DNA. Next to that we selected three major Trends from our VriThink! studies: transparency, customization and soft lines with a bite.

Using this as our base point we started off creating a layout that allowed for the selected unique selling points: a wrap around beach, central atrium and windows to the world. Led by designer Robin de Vries the whole studio including the naval architecture and engineering disciplines took part in several brainstorm and sketch sessions, which led to an amazingly fresh and unique layout. Allowing not only for the selected USP's but giving Envy a sport fly and private owners deck as well next to a personality that is Tecnomar worthy.

Vripack - Envy 5

The exterior is based on a relatively low airdraft and two soft continuous  flowing lines that have a distinctive end to them. The Vripack LDL hull combined with her classical circular bow give the Envy her character. 

Due to the transparency demand of the future and customizability, the decks all run smoothly from top to bottom and from inside and out. As the inside is just as important as the outside, we designed the inside with a day and night mood allowing for the vibrant night life and lounge day times of her future sailors.

Following the Holistic design approach Vripack also named the series and designed the font for the logo as well as pitch in on the ad campaign in which the design wasn't even featured. The Envy family consisting of the Envy 3, 4 and 5 is created for the first time is now ready for her dynamic owner.