VriThink's Night Out - list of speakers 2017

Elze Reitsema

Ideeënjagers/ Innovate or expire

Ideeënjagers (in English: Idea Hunters) is the think tank for the construction/building company and project developer Van Wijnen Groep NV. Elze Reitsema takes you on our journey and discuss the need for ‘innovation’. An important step in this journey is to focus on the question, not the solution. What is the definition of the future? He wants to address what a think tank in general can offer and what a think tank can do for you.

Godert van Hardenbroek

Edorado Marine / The future of powerboating is electric!

Having fun at the expense of damaging our planet with oil and emissions just doesn’t feel right any more. Godert van Hardenbroek explains how you can now have all the fun you like without leaving a trace. The traditional boating industry is just waiting to be disrupted by a clean tech approach. He paves the way for affordable, fast electric boats with an excellent range. The Edorado 7S is not just a new boat, it’s a whole new boating experience, a no-compromise blending of performance, luxury, quality and sustainability.

David Leidenfrost

Bionic Lightweight Design  / Structural Design Inspired by Nature

Fascinated and inspired by nature’s outstanding achievements we have chosen glass-like shells or in other words, the armored protections of planktonic organisms, as our archetypes. During evolution these structures became highly efficient, multifunctional and light. Since 2005 we successfully transfer principles of natural lightweight structures to technical products with the bionic product development process ELiSE. David Leidenfrost from the department Bionic Lightweight Design at the Alfred Wegener Institute explains how this philosophy led to an unconventional hull structure design of a sailing yacht, also known as the EXO concept.

Carlos Martinez

Nautical Foil Solutions / Anti Fouling...Where is the problem?

The vulnerable hull is usually protected by buoys and bollards, but what protects the parts of your hull where neither are attached? Carlos Martinez shares his thoughts of innovative foil solutions that could protect a hull against the elements and improves its efficiency and sustainability.

Daan Pol

Ortega Submursibles / The re-awaking of the Sleeping Beauty

In 2014 a group of enthusiastic wreck divers started to build a DDV (Diver delivery vehicle) based on a secretive 1940’s RAF project called “Sleeping Beauty”. Daan Pol tells us how this story continues and what they encountered along the way.

Edward van Vliet

Edward van Vliet / Destination Design

Design company Edward van Vliet is an international design company that delivers full service design for the hospitality, urban residential and offices market. With his experience in design, architecture and lifestyle Edward explains how he continuously challenges the status quo and how he brings new perspectives to the process of destination design.

Els Zijlstra

Materia / Why materials matter

The future of materials is an exiting one. New renewable material sources are needed to fit the circular economy. Products, buildings and ships have to be designed in a way all parts can be removed and recycled. The materials will become multi functional, interactive and smart, and they will be able to enjoy, save or generate energy, communicate, and make our lives more comfortable and easy. So get inspired with these amazing, smart, cool materials innovated in various sectors that can help you to design, make and use stuff in a smart way.

Kiko Villalon

Ancon Marine Consultants, INC / An amazing new propeller

After years of working problems of propeller strike accidents, Kiko met this young Australian. He considered the problems with existing propeller guards and instead of a cover, he  replaced the edge with an eight millimeter rod, resulting in a innovative new solution and he is going to tell you all about it. 

Timur Bozca

Bozca Design / Form of Innovation 

Timur Bozca is a designer who established his design studio in 2013 which focused towards creating new trends in yacht, aviation, automotive and architecture. Presentation of Bozca will focus on the possibilities with the adaptation of innovation in the field of today’s and tomorrow’s yacht design. 

Marcel Schaap

MienSkip / a platform approach to boat design

MienSkip was initiated by the Frisian Electric Boating Foundation. Their objective is to promote the transition to electric boating. In this case by providing the market with a universal platform for an electric boat that could be used by everyone, professional or amateur. It was to be a simple boat with many possibilities, but always a good electric boat. An interesting journey to find a modern day interpretation of an essentially old idea.

Casper van Engelenburg

TU Delft / A Solar Powered Hydrofoil Vessel

Over a decade, a multidisciplinary team of students from the TU Delft is designing a solar powered boat. We believe that solar energy will be a new frontier in the field of sustainable energy due to its simplicity and versatility. The renewal  of an annually formed group of students and the expertise transferal of old team members guarantees innovativeness and professionalism. These years’ goals include winning the Solar Boat Challenge in Monaco and crossing the English Channel in record time. Our focus this year lies on the seaworthiness of the boat: being efficient, manoeuvrable and stable in high waves, hard winds and salty water. 

Chiara Altomani

Vripack / Virtual Prototyping

In 2014 Vripack released their 2019-vision in which they gave themselves six years to reach the goal of reducing building time by at least 25% while delivering a better boat. Designer Chiara Altomani explains how the implementation of Virtual Prototyping contributed to this goal, what the advantages were, what she encountered and where this development may lead to in the nearby future.