VriThink’s Night Out

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For the 7th time in a row we will organize VriThink's Night Out (powered by Pecha Kucha)! The event will be hosted by our trend platform VriThink! on the 12th of November 2018 at the exclusive venue "Rode Hoed (Red Hat)", an old shelter-church in the city center of Amsterdam.

VriThink's Night Out is built around 14 catchy 5-minute-presentations and is held annually on the night before METS. The event offers designers, naval architects and boat builders the chance to show their fresh and creative work, ideas or concepts. This could be a finished yacht, a new design, a trend or any idea you feel our world needs to know about!

During this very stimulating evening the presenters will show 20 slides and discuss each slide in 20 seconds. Finally; no more boring lectures or tiring presentations!

Each year we offer you the experience of a dazzling range of speakers and you are warmly invited as one of our 400+ guests. 


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  • 12 November 2018
  • 7:30 PM till 11:30 PM

Rode Hoed
Keizersgracht 102
1015 CV Amsterdam

Produced by   VriThink!
Sponsored by Vripack & ProBoat
Powered by    PechaKucha


With pleasure we introduce you to our speakers lineup of 2017

Joost Mertens

Vripack - Rewind Forward 
In a fast moving world with a hunger for efficiency and cheaper production-methods a counter-movement becomes more and more popular. People seem to develop a longing for uniqueness in what the world has to offer. People are looking for unique, genuine products and treatments; especially in the luxury industry.

Tracey Canavaggio

Van Geest Design - Team work makes dreams work 
Our motto is “Disruption of expectations.” In an industry that thrives on ego and branding we took the decision in proposing our design work in a different way. We chose to partner up with whom we could collaborate in a healthy relationship, to engineer a design that can be built with today’s technology and can only be improved with time. Within the design process a story is being told, picking up parameters, effects, emotions to be triggered. These descriptions help each party in finding its place and area of expertise, together we build the story.

Hans Grimme

The Inside - Need to Meet
We live in an almost virtual era, we communicate today in a mind-blowing pace with every corner of our world. We can hear about riots in South America, how Trump feels this morning and check the latest series our neighbor recommends on Facebook. We Skype, we don’t have to be at the office all the time. We can work at home, in a coffee factory, outdoor and all day long, in any environment we chose. But are we connecting? Do we know each other? Do we need to? Do we need to meet live?

Sanne Nielsen

TU Delft - Sustainable racing pioneers
In august 2017 the Forze VII was the first hydrogen fuel cell race-car in the world to race against petrol cars. The team wants to show the potential of hydrogen fuel cells in the mobility sector by developing a race-car that pushes the technology to the limit and shows everyone racing sustainable can just be as much fun. 

Daan Pol

Ortega - Augmented reality in submersible design
Designer and Founder of Ortega Submersibles, Daan Pol, will discuss how Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality were instrumental in realizing a dream. Not only are these technologies used in the design and prototyping of submersibles, in new and innovative ways they are also used in its operation. In his talk Daan will try to convey his enthusiasm for these technologies and the benefits they bring.

Paul Harder Cohen

Coh&Co - What I learned about industrial design from 39 years in boat building
Design is often driven by specific factors that dominate the end result. Sometimes these can be as simple as taste - other times its material availability, functional challenges and even time constraints that defines the process. Yacht design is often purpose driven with parameters defined by one of our worlds most demanding environments – the sea. 
After years of industrial design challenges Paul reflects upon how what he has learned in the marine industry contributes to designing bicycles, and how it has taught him to always find the “why” in a design brief to create a product that stands on its own two feet.

Nigel Irens

Nigel Irens Design - Slippery Boats
After having produced a bewilderingly wide variety of designs, there seems to be no rhyme or reason why such a random collection of boats should find their way on to a single website. But a closer look reveals that they all share one key attribute – they are shaped to be slippery and so to move in such a way that they put a smile on the face of those who put to sea in them. In this talk we examine how such aspirations can be instilled in the design of the Common Powerboat.

Tomás González

Fast Forward Composites - Hybrid Wing
Our passion is building designs that are “Born to Race – Built to Play.”  How can we deliver the technology of the fastest racing boats to the open market? We began with developing a solution to allow recreational sailors to navigate at top speeds using a wing that doesn’t require tedious de-rigging.  The first-of-its- kind, Hybrid Wing, was designed to weathervane 360 degrees allowing it to stay up in even the toughest environments. This aerodynamic one-element wing and soft sail has big plans for the future. 

Ken Hickling

Ken Hickling used to know something about paint when he worked for Akzonobel with their Awlgrip and International brands.  Before that he worked with composite specialists SP Systems.  Nowadays he is a consultant to small businesses in the Superyacht sector, also serving on committees with Superyacht UK, ISS and ISO.  Originally studying Boatbuilding and Boatyard Management at Solent University, he likes to think he has an actual qualification to work in this industry…

Robert Henderson

Etcetera - Magical Materials
A short romp through the near future possibilities of present day material innovations.

Thys Nikkels

Dykstra Naval Architects - NO SMOKING

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