There are no trends in yachting, or are there…? Finding the right answer to this question has bugged us for years and was the reason for us to launch a forward-thinking platform called VriThink!

One of the goals of VriThink! is to generate an open stage in order to produce and develop forward-thinking designs. The platform shows how various innovative, social, economic and design trends happening in all industries around the world can be reflected to the yachting industry.

With this knowledge, we predict that the perception of time is going to be crucial in the coming years. Our customers of the future are getting highly influenced by their fast moving environment. New techniques result in fast moving and disruptive innovations which form new standards that will not only challenge our industry but also the industries around us.

Early adopters of today’s trends will benefit of their gained knowledge in the nearby future, making it possible to holistically exceed expectations towards creating better boats in less time, which is exactly what we aim for!

Vripack - Joost Mertens - designer
Vripack - VriThink! - pots filled with shells
Vripack - VriThink! - graffiti mural