New markets, successful entrepreneurs and younger clients have a different vision of the world. They see things differently, they think differently and they want to live differently. They want to see designs that challenge the norm and revolutionize life on board by creating a fresh and exiting new experience.

This hunger for innovation, the willingness to challenge conventional wisdom and the determination to extend boundaries of technical possibility underpin the existence of VriThink. The open platform that harness the power of global trends to spark debate and to inspire minds in order to generate ideas that will determine the nature of the next generation of super yachts.

We bring together brilliant creative minds and share a completely new approach to yacht design.

This is VriThink!  This is your future.

Vripack - Joost Mertens - designer
Vripack - VriThink! - pots filled with shells
Vripack - VriThink! - graffiti mural