To ensure the owners of the 'Leven 90' would instantly feel at home in their
                                          new seagoing environment, Vripack designed an fully virtual interior with a
                                                    subtle nautical theme and a welcoming and contemporary twist.

Following a complimentary tour of the Vripack studio, the client's visit at the start of a new project usually commences with the creation of a design brief. If the client are a couple, the man will typically emphasize the functional requirements: average number of guests per trip, desired speed and range capacity, the need for lounge areas, etc. The lady, on the other hand, will usually emphasize the details of the various living quarters, the galley, colour schemes, and the desired ambiance. The one thing husband and wife always describe in similar terms are the voyages they plan to make with friends and family.

Leven 90 embraces communal voyages and features an interior that offers occupants end-to-end visibility. The open layout made navigating the interior a breeze with plenty of space to move about. Eschewing unnecessarily elaborate furniture also allowed the interior to present itself with a degree of clarity that accentuated the décor's finer details for the client's appreciation, an appreciation further facilitated by the admission of abundant natural light. 

Evolving whit the zeitgeist, the interior is embraced by an exterior with lines and curves that would make any lady proud. In addition, she has been carried out with several options including  the choice of a flybridge and two optional layout designs: Family layout or Brazilian layout.