It's not a ship... It's not a yacht... This is a Cross Over.

The primary goal of the Cross Over is to deliver a better ship in far less time and for a complete different budget. This concept takes the best of two worlds. It takes the best of the commercial shipping industry as well as the yachting industry. Combining those two elements is like a simple pasta; it feeds you, it has all the essential ingredients, it’s honest, it’s simple food and still everybody enjoys it.

Vripack - Cross Over sketch

Because all the ingredients of a Cross Over already exist and have been tested on many other projects, the concept of a Cross Over is very similar to that of a classic car; you can easily maintain it, you can buy parts of the shelf and it’s very user friendly. A no-nonsense-approach, it’s just pedal to the metal and it ticks all the boxes of a yacht as we all know it; smart without having to compromise in quality. 

Vripack - Cross Over - Marnix Hoekstra

Marnix Hoekstra, creative Director of Vripack

“A yacht is beautiful when form follows function. The reason why you’re on board is essential to this philosophy; whether it is for your enjoyment, exploration or work. These components should be crucial and need to determine the design of any vessel”.

Vripack - Cross Over - Pim Dijksman

Pim Dijksman, Designer at Vripack

"Every yacht needs to have something to it, you need to feel a click. It needs to set you apart almost by filling it with feelings and emotions. It basically becomes a friend”.

Vripack - Cross Over - Harald Fassmer

Harald Fassmer, CEO at Fassmer

The type of vessels that we are building need to be strong. They need to be robust and safe. Let’s say, heavy duty vessels. Therefore the Cross Over is exactly what we stand for as a shipyard”.

The combination of the commercial shipping industry's robustness and the yachting industry's resourcefulness provides the Cross Over with the ideal starting point to incorporate a ‘form-follows-function-philosophy’ into any design.

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