We ensured the owners of Maharani had the freedom to create the yacht of their
                              dreams by applying our design approach that puts them, there guest and crew central. 
                                 We allowed them to virtually walk through the interiors, looking at every angle to see
                                      how each area would feel and light would play. Inspired by 5th Ave. Maharani
                                                                 makes you feel you’re in an American loft.


Based on the Prime 50 meters and 499GT platform the new-build aluminum yacht offers ten unique areas. The four decks are spatially connected by the vide which allows daylight to penetrate into the heart of the ship. She is designed with a swimming pool on the bow and a beach club including sauna and spa in the back. Above the front to back open main deck, the private owners deck is situated with two personal outdoor decks and jacuzzi. Maharani allows her owners to make most out of the precious time they have on board, given them an environment that delivers the optimum experience for them and their guest. Just as they would have at home.

This we wanted seriously disrupt. So look at the end result - we improved the 'industry standard' by more than 300%. Maharani's main deck has 50m of clear deck space offering ten dedicated areas. This allows all family members to enjoy their own time on board while still being together all on one incredible deck stretching from stern to bow.


Guest privacy was a major focus so the upper deck is the second full deck solely dedicated to the Owner and his family. Allowing all on board to feel at home at sea, each respecting and enjoying their own space.