It is always an honour to have the ingenuity and innovation of one's designs, engineering and construction acknowledged by such esteemed bodies as the World Superyacht Awards, the International Superyacht Society Design and Leadership and the Design & Innovation Awards, and this humbling experience has been granted our studio more than 40 times. Some of our designs have even been honoured multiple times, owing to refits or rebuilds. The prestigious Voyager's Award, awarded to the yacht that, in the judges' opinion, completed the most inspirational cruise in the preceding year, has been won more times by Vripack's yachts than by those of any other yacht-designer.

Gratifying as these awards may be for both designer and builder, each is also an acknowledgement of the respective owner's ambition, and of their contribution both to the craft of yacht-building and to the rich history of yachting. Each yacht is the result of two or three years of dedication on the part of the team, builders and owner, united for a common goal: the creation of yet another world-beating yacht on which both owner and crew can feel at home at sea.